Our Process


Design-Build Collaboration (when possible) Whenever possible we prefer to work in a design-build approach with clients and design team. This allows us to understand client goals from day one and work as a team to accomplish them. If this is the case, we approach the project in a charrette-type atmosphere, where we consult with the appropriate owner representative, architect, civil engineer, third party specialists (LEED, Earthcraft, etc) and utility / municipality representatives to ensure the final design balances all of the client’s needs, along with appropriate sustainability and costs.

Estimating / Budgeting
If we are in a bid process rather than a design build situation we would work within the time frame set by the architect and owner to review all plan details for accuracy, submit any necessary RFI items, and assemble all costs from material suppliers and subcontractors. Once those items are completed we would submit a detailed proposal with any qualifications to the appropriate decision makers.
In our pre-construction phase we work with the design team and owner representatives to create a overview schedule to review and understand the design, budgeting, permitting, and construction process from an overview perspective. Once awarded a project we formulate a more detailed construction schedule for tracking purposes.
Value Engineering
Upon being awarded a project, we do a thorough review for errors, discrepancies and possible value engineering discussions. Typically, our approach to these items is to make sure we are balancing sustainability, quality of construction and costs to ensure our client makes the best long term decision as possible. We then bring these to the attention of the project team, design team, owners rep, engineer etc. and finalize the scope of the work.
AIA Contract
At this time, we would typically create the most appropriate AIA contracts for the particular project and work with the owner’s representative to come to an acceptable agreement for all parties.
Pre-construction Meetings
We typically have pre-construction meetings with our selected subcontractors, material vendors, supervisory personnel, equipment suppliers and design team. There may also be pre-construction meetings with regulatory agencies, municipalities, permitting/inspections, and 3rd party consultants (LEED, Earthcraft, Energy Star, etc.) depending on the project size. One main goal during our pre-construction meeting is finalizing a detailed schedule for the project with input from the subcontractors, material vendors, supervisory personnel, equipment suppliers and Owners requirements. It is very important to use for all of these folks to step through their responsibilities in scope of work and schedule with us to create buy in from everyone to meet project goals.
Construction Preparation
Once our contracts are in place FEMCO can also complete applications for all job permits and a detailed schedule for the project. From this point we begin to buy out the project with all of the appropriate subcontractors, suppliers and vendors. We also meet with the appropriate owner’s representative to create a selections schedule. This ensures FEMCO can buy out the project in advance, and creating all appropriate purchase orders and subcontractors in advance so materials and labor availability do not effect our schedule. Upon completion, this allows us to secure all pricing necessary to meet the contract agreements and finalize all schedule conversations.
We then begin the project with the controls of time, budget and quality at the forefront while taking great effort to inconvenience the facility operations as little as possible. ii. Site mobilization & Construction begins. Design Team & Owner reviews of progress i. Depending on the client and source of funds, FEMCO representatives may meet monthly with the appropriate architect, owner’s representative on-site to review work completed, expected upcoming work and approve the prior month’s construction draw being billed. For smaller projects this typically is not necessary, but we are flexible to best meet individual project needs.
Project Completion
FEMCO typically provides an owner walk-through at the end of the project, as we are performing our own quality control reviews. Once the certificate of occupancy is issued and the architect issues a substantial completion document, FEMCO turns over the project to the owner and our warranty period begins. On smaller projects this may not all be necessary and is project dependent.

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