Pre-Construction Services

FEMCO Pre-Construction Services

FEMCO has a full-time staff of construction professionals dedicated to providing you with comprehensive pre-construction services.

Accurate estimating is crucial in order to maintain cost control. Based on your requirements, we will provide a detailed estimate for ground-up construction of a new facility or for modifications to an existing facility.

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Comparing historical data compiled from similar projects and using our database of current labor and material costs allow us to determine the best approach to complete your project on-time and within budget.  Based on decades of experience in the design and construction of a wide variety of projects, we are able to provide you with a detailed and accurate “road-map” of the construction process specific to your project requirements.

As your project progresses through construction, we will continue to estimate and value engineer all costs of the work with regard to options and alternatives suggested by FEMCO, the Owner or the Architect.  These budgets are prepared as soon as project requirements have been identified and are updated continuously for review.

FEMCO Construction offers extensive in-house experience with design-build construction, site acquisition, design and layouts. In addition, we are familiar with offering input to meet specific project goals and how they relate to appropriate building codes, UFAS & ADA requirements, and project specific program goals such as Earthcraft®, LEED®, Energy Star®, and Green Build. Below is a list of FEMCO’s typical Pre-construction services:

• Site acquisition / suitability –  In many situations FEMCO works with our clients to understand future project needs from a location and site requirement perspective. In many cases, we assist in the locating, assessment and acquiring of site locations. It is our belief if we can collaborate with our clients in this stage we can offer more detailed information regarding scheduling and budgeting for upcoming projects to help clients determine viability.

• Scheduling –  Our key executives collaborate with the design team and owner representative to create an anticipated schedule for each project at the Pre-construction stage. We offer project management software tools where FEMCO, civil and architectural design team members and owners can assign milestones and track progress from design, permitting and construction stages of the project.

• Budgeting / Estimating – FEMCO uses our historical cost data, construction software and current understanding or what is taking place with material / labor markets to help clients forecast anticipated project costs.

• Design Collaboration –  FEMCO believes in collaborating with owners and design teams as early as possible in the design process. Discussing site and vertical construction timing, construction methods and materials allows us to ensure our clients are satisfied during the construction process as well as throughout the life of their new property.

• Value Engineering –  Once preferred construction methods and materials are determined and compared with forecasted budgets, FEMCO works with owners and design team members to discuss alternative ways of decreasing costs. We are always careful to assist our clients in weighing costs vs. quality of materials and overall construction integrity, so they can make well informed decisions.

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