Site Evaluation

At FEMCO, one of the most important things we do is assist our clients with cost estimates for any necessary site improvements before they commit to property.

FEMCO site evaluation header

Based on decades of experience across a multitude of project types, we are able to provide a comprehensive understanding of project specific requirements and possible nuances related to the unique combination of site and project.


  • Is the property heavily wooded
  • What sort of topography does the site have
  • How much cut and fill earthwork will be required
  • Off-site considerations – DOT considerations, road connections, turning lanes, and access
  • Location of utility connections and access requirements
  • Existing power lines or utilities that may have to be removed / relocated
  • Consideration of site drainage requirements and existing infrastructure
  • Streams, lakes, or wetlands that will require conservation

We have the experience and skill to evaluate these considerations and provide a reasonable budget estimate in the absence of comprehensive civil engineering planning.  If you have a site in mind for your project, give us a call today.

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