Upfits & Renovations

The leadership team at FEMCO Construction has over 100 years of combined experience in the planning, design, and construction of technologically complex facilities including digital imaging facilities, surgery centers, medical office buildings and various health care facilities.

Upfits and renovations vary greatly in scope and details. We employ the same level of detail and approach for small-scale remodeling projects as well as major expansions. Rest assured, we believe every project deserves the same level of expertise, attention to detail and flexible creativity. We bring unmatched expertise and detail to every project, no matter the complexity. We have an excellent relationship with our hospital and imaging center clients in addition to medical equipment vendors and our established sub-contractor base. We put our experience to work for you to develop a facility that meets your organization’s needs in the shortest possible time and within a realistic budget that fits your business plan.

FEMCO has extensive experience in medical office buildings. We believe this will be a tremendous asset to your organization as we aspire to become the number one medical construction company in new construction, renovations, and up-fit of external medical facilities as well as hospitals. We believe that based on our experience with stand-alone, medical offices and digital imaging facilities we offer an understanding of medical client needs that will prove to be extremely valuable to your project. Our company understands fully how to balance our schedules and planning to be both reasonable and apply a sense of urgency with regards to specialized equipment delivery dates. This balance, along with consistent employee and subcontractor relationships, and collaboration with design team and facility managers, ensure we have as little impact to our medical client’s daily operations and patient experience.

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